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The Pregnant Gymnast story
The Pregnant Gymnast STORY
There was a flutter in her chest, and butterflies in her belly.
Alice had a maelstrom of thoughts in her mind, and legs starting to feel like jelly.
Floods of electricity seemed to ignite every nerve ending throughout Alice’s body. It felt like her skin was on fire, and only the relief of pulling off that perfect routine would douse those flames.
As she sat there in the changing room, alone with only her thoughts, she started to have the first doubts about what she was about to try and pull off. Sure, she had been training for months. But the thing about her current state was it grew on you, quite literally. Without so much as an ounce of control over how her body changed, Alice had continued however. She had committed to her art, to her passion, and powered through. But now, almost nine months into her gestation, she realised just how big she
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PREGGO SKETCH HOUR RUNNER UP - Pregnant Gymnast by nickonthedraw PREGGO SKETCH HOUR RUNNER UP - Pregnant Gymnast :iconnickonthedraw:nickonthedraw 127 8
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
** ART COMMISSIONS - NOW OPEN for July/August 2018 commissions**

I paint people (often naked!) :)

* 1st Place IA Interracial Handbra Contest - Jan 2018
* 1st Place in PreggoGalaxy's Summer 2017 Contest
* 1st Place SVV Non-Human Character into a Human competition
* Crowned winner of May-ternity contest 2017
* Winner of Hentai Anonymous Pierced Art competition
* Crowned 63rd KING of PERVERTS

PREGGO commissions details here…

So send me a note titled COMMISSION and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Which of these other Art sites do you visit the most?
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Shaven Head Ebony Girl (cropped)
My first painting for my mysterious 'EF' folder in a long, long while. The sketch of this beauty has been sitting around on my computer since the summer.

I hate putting censored graphics over art so my preference is to crop the image and rotate it to get the most interesting parts to your eyes without getting in trouble with DA. 

There is a far more explicit version that I couldn't put on DA that I will have on a EF Tumblr. Unfortunately there simply isn't enough time in my life to paint an additional version that would be accepted on DA so it's a crop this time.

The Pregnant Gymnast STORY


There was a flutter in her chest, and butterflies in her belly.

Alice had a maelstrom of thoughts in her mind, and legs starting to feel like jelly.

Floods of electricity seemed to ignite every nerve ending throughout Alice’s body. It felt like her skin was on fire, and only the relief of pulling off that perfect routine would douse those flames.

As she sat there in the changing room, alone with only her thoughts, she started to have the first doubts about what she was about to try and pull off. Sure, she had been training for months. But the thing about her current state was it grew on you, quite literally. Without so much as an ounce of control over how her body changed, Alice had continued however. She had committed to her art, to her passion, and powered through. But now, almost nine months into her gestation, she realised just how big she had gotten.

She looked down at the leotard she had selected for today’s routine, and again started questioning herself. It had seemed like a great idea at home, but she was now thinking that she hadn’t quite realised how much she had grown. She hadn’t realised how much her belly had ballooned, how much her chest had swelled. She didn’t know what was least likely—her actually placing in the competition, or her getting into her leotard in the first place.

Nevertheless, this was going to be one of her final chances before entering the unpredictable world of motherhood, and she wanted to make sure that she made the absolute most of it.

Alice had worn loose sweatpants, a large tee and jacket to the venue, wanting to spend as little time as possible in the restrictive leotard. As she stood, she found herself swaying a little; somehow she had almost lost the adjustment she had made to her body’s new centre of gravity. Once she steadied herself, she zipped down her jacket and slowly removed it. She then took off her tee, exposing the enormous orb distending from her body, followed by a bra that was now far from modest. It was always a relief taking it off, letting her breasts, already spilling over the cups, be free from its constraint. She pulled off her pants and stood there looking at herself a moment in the mirror.

Somehow she had remained free from stretch marks. Her light-brown skin was still smooth; looking like it was almost comfortably encompassing the massive bulge that was protruding from her once petite, athletic frame. Comfortable, however, was certainly one word that Alice could not use to describe her massively rotund midsection. She would never get used to it; she just found it such a shame that something she felt made her look so good, was just so damn inconvenient. Over the course of her pregnancy, she had found the changes that her body had undergone: the swelling of her stomach, and chest, and the arching of her back; even the day her belly button had popped; to be a surprisingly large turn-on. She was discovering things about herself she had never known. A secret desire that was secretly buried within her. The nine months of her pregnancy would be memories she would always cherish. And not for reasons most mothers cherish them.

Part of her just wished there was some magical method of obtaining a pregnant body when desired. On a temporary basis, of course; maybe for a couple days of pleasure, and none of the inconvenience that came with it.

The swelling that her breasts had gone through were perhaps Alice’s favourite aspect of her pregnancy. She had always been flat-chested; she considered it the curse of being a gymnast. But one thing that could no longer be said about her was that she was flat-chested. Her breasts had become large, very large even: somehow, she had gone from her previous A cup, to a comfortable DD. That was one thing she hoped would certainly stick around. She loved how large and dark her nipples had gotten too, and how, with her nipple bars still in place, they seemed to be permanently erect. She loved the contrast between the silver piercings and her dark areolas and nipples.

Realising that she could stand and admire her body for hours, she knew it was time to get ready. She struggled vehemently tugging the leotard up her legs and fitting it snuggly beneath her behemoth of a belly.

Next came the hardest part.

She wondered if the manufacturers of the leotard had ever imagined it would be stretched and strained over such a large gut. Then she realised that the answer would be a resounding ‘no.’

She pulled it up at the back first, covering her generous butt and slightly up into the small of her comically arched back. Then she pulled with strength she never knew she had to shroud the colossal curvature of her belly.

She sucked her gut in as much as she could, and was surprised to find that the leotard was actually quite comfortable once her belly was fully covered. Of course, in the space of ten seconds, Alice had forgotten that she was holding back, holding in a good portion of her enormous girth. Once she let go, and her belly rapidly ballooned out, comfort wasn’t on the table any more. Her belly seemed to expand massively—somehow looking bigger than it had before she had sucked it in—stretching out the fabric, and straining the elasticity to its max.

Alice had to be honest to herself, her belly, barely being contained within the leotard, looked so damned hot.

The final step was somehow squeezing her swollen, engorged, full-to-popping breasts in. Alice had faced many challenges in life—most of the time on purpose, as she thrived when challenged—but the squeezing of her breasts into a leotard became one for her personal history books. And never one she had envisioned facing.

The engorged, soft, fleshy mounds protruding from her chest fought hard, but eventually, Alice got them in. Getting her arms in was relatively easy, but once she stood up, as straight as possible, she knew that the next hour of her life would be the biggest challenge of all. She would be amazed if in a split second, the leotard didn’t explode off of her body, exposing her expanded pregnant form to every spectator in the room.

Was there even a part of her willing that to happen?

The leotard was mercilessly tight. It tugged at her crotch. Her bulging belly wanted to be free. Her engorged, swollen breasts were squished together, trying to escape by spilling over the top. Her cleavage was enormous, looking more like the Grand Canyon, than the space between a woman’s breasts. Her distended belly button was distinguished through the elastic fabric and her nipples and piercings could not be missed.

Alice knew she looked comical, but that wasn’t going to dissuade her. There was something growing deep inside of her: maybe it was the development of her fighting maternal instincts; maybe it was the desire to get home and take some photos of herself in the leotard to remind her of larger times (and for some other, less appropriate reasons.) She hoped that someone out there would get some good shots of her on the beam to add to that collection.

This was going to be a memorable day no matter what happened.

There was a flutter in her chest, and butterflies in her belly.

Alice had a maelstrom of thoughts in her mind, and legs starting to feel like jelly.
The Pregnant Gymnast story
The Pregnant Gymnast story was written by Bellies In Text during the summer of 2017.

I've been given permission to include it alongside the drawings that inspired it.

PREGGO SKETCH HOUR - Pregnant Gymnast on the beam by nickonthedraw PREGGO SKETCH HOUR RUNNER UP - Pregnant Gymnast by nickonthedraw

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Camilla's Belly Call STORY

There was just something about strolling around naked in a hotel room that really got Camilla going. She couldn’t pin point exactly why, although she was sure that it must have had something to do with wearing absolutely nothing in a strange environment. Walking around, her large breasts bouncing and jiggling with every step; feeling air on her butt and, maybe slightly, the idea that anyone could walk in at any time, seeing her exposed body.

She was laid on the bed when the knock came at the door. Three raps, followed by two more in quick succession.

She had remembered.

Camilla jumped up as quickly as possible, picked up the thick, woolly bathrobe supplied by the hotel and wrapped it around her. She walked over to the mirror and tied it tight, leaving a generous opening at the top so that her breasts, squished up in the robe, were emphasized and looking twice their normal size. They looked round and firm enough for anybody looking at them to well believe they had been enhanced, rather than just natural God-given assets. She fixed her hair and then walked over to the door.

She had called Simone only four hours earlier, the first time in almost a year. It used to be a regular thing, but ever since she had met John, she—as horrible as it sounded—didn’t need Simone anymore. But things with John weren’t going as smooth as they once had. And some fun with the first—and only—woman Camilla had ever been under the sheets with was just what she needed.

But there was one thing, Simone had told her. One thing that may have soured the deal; Camilla was sure that for anyone but her it likely would have, but she was nearing desperation for some physical contact with another human.

When Camilla opened the door, she smiled at Simone, which immediately turned into a grin. She couldn’t help herself. Simone looked as stunning as she ever had. More so, even. There was something about her current condition that really made her glow.

Her shiny black hair and dark features were what made Camilla approach her in that bar all those years ago. They hadn’t change.

Her own smile; warm and bright enough to light up the darkest of rooms: that hadn’t changed either.

But when Camilla looked below her face; that’s where the changes were apparent.

The not-so little black dress she was wearing accentuated an extremely generous view of her elongated cleavage. And below that, the fabric stretched out, clinging like there was no tomorrow to the swollen ball of a belly that protruded out from Simone’s body.

‘Wow,’ Camilla said. ‘I don’t think you did yourself justice.’

‘How do you mean?’ Simone asked, her accent clinging on to just a hint of her French upbringing.

‘You said you were big—I’d say you were probably big three months ago! This, this is something else!’

Simone’s smile turned into a grin then, which only widened Camilla’s even more.

‘I see you haven’t changed one bit,’ Simone said, seduction oozing from her voice. ‘Still as cheeky as ever.’

‘You know me. Now, get that butt in here.’

Simone made her way into the room, and Camilla couldn’t help notice how she walked with a hand supporting her arching back. There was something about it, something that Camilla couldn’t quite put her finger on. But somehow, she found it arousing.

At the same time however, Camilla was also thinking how uncomfortable that restrictive dress must be for Simone, and that was something she knew she could help with.

She wasted no time in closing the door behind her pregnant caller, approaching her, and sliding the straps of her slender shoulders.

‘Hey, now.’ Simone said before Camilla could complete her task. ‘Just what do you think you’re doing?’

‘Helping you out of that dress,’ Simone said, putting on her most innocent tone of voice. ‘A lady in your condition can’t possibly be comfortable wearing that thing.’

Simone turned to Camilla, and the look on her face told her that for Simone, the game was over.

‘You hurt me, you know?’ Simone said.

Camilla stood there, slightly in shock at how quickly the atmosphere in the room had changed. But she knew that Simone was right, what she did to her was more than just wrong: it was rotten, something that she should never have done, and something that she would regret doing for the rest of her life.

‘I know,’ Camilla said, looking down. ‘I’ve felt guilty about it every day, ending it the way I did.’

‘So why didn’t you call? Write? E-mail me? Hit me up online? You didn’t contact me in any way?’

‘I did!’

‘Sure, nearly a year later!’

Camilla looked around the room, almost as if she were double checking they were truly alone.

‘I’m going to be straight with you,’ she said. ‘It’s my parents.’

‘Your parents?’ Simone said, slowly easing herself onto the bed; one hand beneath her bulging midsection, barely being contained by the thin fabric of her dress.

‘They’re traditional, super religious. They would have never accepted me being with another woman. Especially one who—’

‘One who what?’

‘One who I met the way we met.’

‘A hooker?’

‘Don’t call yourself that,’ Camilla said, sitting down beside Simone. She was feeling that same magnetic attraction that she had felt the first time they had met. She knew she had to square things with Simone, she had genuine feelings for her, and the last thing she wanted would be anything to happen between them purely as a business arrangement.

‘Why? It’s true.’ Simone said.

Camilla didn’t know how to respond, she just sat there silent. And even though she had been made to feel really guilty, she found her eyes wandering over to Simone’s expansive middle.

‘I didn’t want to make you feel bad tonight,’ Simone said, gently placing her hand on Camilla’s thigh. ‘And trust me, by the time tonight’s over—me and you, it’ll be like we never broke up.’

‘I have to be honest,’ Camilla said, knowing she was about regret saying what she was about to say. ‘To me, we were never actually together.’

There was a silence that in reality, lasted no longer than a couple seconds, but to Camilla, lasted an hour.

‘I know.’ Simone said, immediately easing Camilla. ‘I was never in a place for a relationship either, but now—I am, I think I’m ready. That is, if you are. I’ve never been able to stop thinking about you, even though I knew you had moved on.’

‘I’m not so sure about that anymore.’ Camilla said.

‘Not sure about what?’ Simone asked.

Camilla sighed deeply, considering just how her life was turning out. It never ceased to amaze her just how quickly life went; how one moment you’re sure of everything, and the next, you have no idea what you’re doing.

‘I’m not sure if I have moved on.’ Camilla explained.

‘To be honest, I guess I gathered that when you called.’ Simone said almost sombrely.

Camilla smiled. ‘But—well, what about the elephant in the room.’

‘What a lovely thing to say to the person you called for a hook up!’

They both burst into laughter then. It was just another one of the things Camilla had missed so much about Simone.

‘It’s not mine,’ Simone said.

‘What do you mean? Not yours,’ Camilla asked, genuinely confused for a moment. ‘It doesn’t exactly work that way for us girls you know! We can’t go around saying that it’s not our baby!’


One word and Camilla’s mind cleared, her future seemed to open up. A possibility of a future with Simone.

‘I wanted to get out of the business, go back to school. So I did. But I had to fund it. I didn’t manage to save much—not with the lifestyle I used to live.’

‘People pay?’

‘Of course, there are a lot of couples who really want kids. But for a lot of reasons, they either can’t or, as in my case, the woman doesn’t want to carry her own child. Imagine that—imagine being so bothered about the way you look, so consumed with your own vanity, that you wouldn’t even carry your own child!’

‘I think you look hot!’ Camilla blurted out, not even realising what she had said until it was out there. It was a strange sensation: she had never said anything so impulsive before; her lips almost seemed to burn.

Simone laughed. ‘You don’t have to try and make me feel better, another couple of weeks and I can go to work on getting my body back!’

‘I’m not,’ Camilla found herself saying. ‘I don’t know—I’m being serious, you look real good.’

‘Well, thank you.’ The seduction was creeping back into Simone’s voice. The game was starting up again.

‘So what you doing at school?’ Camilla wanted to try and build up to the event as slowly as possible. She always had been patient, and had learned that the longer she waited, the better the climax.

‘Right now? A mixed-bag of classes; to be honest, it all seemed like a good idea when I started. Now, I’m as confused as I ever was.’

‘You’ll find your way eventually, everyone does. The least expected encounter can lead to a life of pleasure.’

‘You speaking from experience,’ Simone said, smiling.

Both women shared an intense look between themselves.

‘Wow, two years older than me and giving out life advice!’

They both grinned. ‘Hey, I give this advice out every day to my students!’

‘Yeah, but they’re twenty, not thirty!’

‘True! I suppose.’

‘What happened to the writing?’

‘Still going, albeit slow, so very slow! I don’t know, maybe I’m just not cut out for it. I wouldn’t be unhappy if I stayed at the university lecturing.’

They both went quiet, and Camilla felt as though the time had come.

‘Can I—can I feel it?’ Camilla asked with trepidation.

Simone laughed, ‘Sure, I think you’ll be doing a lot more than that before long.’

Camilla gently placed her hand atop Simone’s belly, and then gently moved it around over the surface of the stretched fabric. It was warm, round and firm. Camilla immediately felt herself getting excited, and she really wasn’t sure why.

Why had she suddenly become attracted to pregnant bellies?

‘Like it?’ Simone asked.

‘I do—really,’ Camilla responded. She looked up and saw Simone grinning.

Had she not been serious? Was she just messing around?

Camilla didn’t care. She went in and kissed Simone, almost making up for eleven months of lost making-out in ten seconds. It was the most passionate ten seconds of either of their lives. Simone’s taste hadn’t changed, and Camilla simply couldn’t get enough. Her tongue explored every part of Simone’s mouth, and eventually their tongues entangled together.

Camilla’s hand started to move up from Simone’s gravid middle to her generously engorged breasts; all the while, Simone had placed her hand within Camilla’s robe: starting by massaging her full, soft breast and then making her way down. First gently touching her ribs beneath the heft of her chest, just like she had always liked it, and then to her trim middle, before venturing further.

‘Don’t shave anymore?’ Simone asked when their lips came apart.

‘It’s been a while’ she replied quickly. ‘There hasn’t exactly been anyone to keep it tidy for, I guess I forgot about it! I can fix it?’

‘No, I like it! I stopped myself when—well, when I couldn’t exactly access it anymore!’

They went into the next round of making out laughing.

Camilla’s robe came off, once again fully naked on the bed.

Simone stood, up in front of Camilla and slowly lifted the dress above her head.

She had on no underwear, and her belly was fully exposed in all its enormous, swollen, rounded glory.

A prominent darkened line extended its way from Simone’s popped navel to her crotch, or what Camilla could see of it. Her belly was so big. So round. So firm.

It almost seemed to create a shelf where Simone’s engorged breasts rested. The veins across her swollen chest were prominent and, Camilla couldn’t be certain, but she was almost sure she could see a drop of white oozing out of one Simone’s darkened, enlarged nipples. They were so much larger and prominent that what she had remembered, and Simone’s nipples seemed to have significantly elongated, standard very proud at the centre of her puffy areola.

Camilla realised at that very moment that, in her thirty-two years on Earth, she had never felt more turned on. It was like something primal had been discovered within her. Something that had been buried deep for a long, long time: fighting to get out. And when it finally had, it had exploded.

Camilla’s hands explored the expanded canvas of Simone’s body like they had never explored anything before. The woman straddling her was perfection. Not a crevice of her body went untouched. But, even with Simone’s complete beauty, Camilla found her hands continuously being attracted to her swollen, bulging, colossal belly.

That hour was something that neither Camilla, nor Simone, ever wanted to end.
Camilla's Belly Call
This was a story written by a former DA member called Bellies in Text.

For personal reasons they left the site earlier this year and gave me the story.

I've presented the story as it was given to me. Let me know what you think. I have another one of their stories to publish before the new year.

Wobblygal :iconwobblygal: has asked me to write a journal post about How and why I got into Pregnancy Art.


I’m keenly aware that the watchers of my art include those that prefer my portrait and art of black women so I understand if this journal isn’t really your thing and want to skip it :)

If you're a bit short of time then the brief answers would be:
1st Pregnant Art drawing around 1988-1989 but not sure of exact date.
I didn't do another until 2016.
I love drawing all the curves of pregnant women.

The Full answer

My fascination with pregnancy goes back to my teen years (maybe a little earlier) in the 1980s. At home we had a family health book that had numerous drawings of diseases and ailments. It also had a few drawings of naked people! I particularly like the ones showing the stages of pregnancy. The thing I liked most was the arch of the woman’s back supporting the weight of her large belly.

You can see it in artwork like this picture of Ebony Gothic

Heavily Pregnant Ebony Gothic by nickonthedraw

It wasn’t an obsession, just something that stuck in my mind so all these years later I still remember it.

The first time I depicted a pregnant woman in art was probably somewhere between 1988 and 1990 (don’t remember exactly when) in a very early piece of art software. I had to draw using the computer cursor keys as most computers back then didn’t have a mouse!

For a very short while (only weeks) I also got interested in drawing hyper pregnancy/expansion and even wrote a story about it. I felt like a bit of a weirdo for writing it so it was a bit surprising decades later to find on Deviant Art that’s a far more common interest that I could have ever imagined! :)

And that would have been it for my excursion into pregnancy art as it never occurred to me to do anymore. I still loved the pregnant form but it was one of many, many things I liked rather than the thing I liked most.

So what got me into pregnant art on Deviant Art was a discussion with Pagod7 :iconpagod7: (big shout out to him!!) in 2016. I’d done a couple of commissions of his OCs and I was interested in doing a third. I noticed he had a pregnant OC called Ai. I asked him about me doing some art of her for the next commission.

Pagod7 said he’d made the assumption that a pregnant character wouldn't appeal to me and it was a fair assumption to make as I’d never expressed that interest before.

I did two commissions of pregnant Ai (semi naked and naked) and both of these got an very warm welcome and positive response from the Deviant Art community.

Pregnant Ai squeezing nipple (commission) by nickonthedraw

Mature Content

Naked pregnant Ai with toe rings (commission) by nickonthedraw

Probably my most important preggo painting on DA was collaboration with Bellius Maximus :iconbelliusmaximus: (big shout out to BM!!) on a story and artwork. It remains today as my most successful artwork on DeviantArt in terms of views, favs and gaining new watchers. The piece in question is Emiko and her heavily pregnant partner Erin.
Emiko and her heavily pregnant partner Erin by nickonthedraw


It was the moment that I realised I’d found my art niche on DA - realistic art of pregnant women. It now makes up the bulk of my DA and private commissions.

I'll keep painting preggo paintings for as long as there is the demand and as long as I still find the pregnant form sexy and erotic (which will probably be like forever!)

If I strayed from the question or you have anything you'd like to say on the matter then please comment below.

I hope you have a Great Holiday and a fantastic 2018!

A big thank you for those watchers who are also commissioners and a special thank you to Pagod7, Bellius Maximus, Fringe88, BerryChicka who have been long term supports of my Preggo Art. I am very grateful!

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Which of these other Art sites do you visit the most? 

43 deviants said Hentai Foundry
12 deviants said ArtStation
5 deviants said Behance
2 deviants said Draw Crowd


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Obviously you have always been a talented artist, but when did you start drawing pregnant characters, then extend into nudity etc....and then come onto DA? When did you realise you had a thing for pregnant women?

What is the origin story for nickonthedraw ?!?!?

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I've added a journal about your question. Thanks!
nickonthedraw Featured By Owner Edited Dec 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the question. Yes I’d be up for writing a journal post about it :)

I should be able to write it in the next couple of days.
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thanks for the +fav  and the comment

Mature Content

Morning Coffee by ianwh
:) (Smile) 
nickonthedraw Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome :)
SpamBusta Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017   Digital Artist
I Really like how you draw black 4B textured hair, and that has also been quite the struggle for me. I was wondering if you may have some tips, techniques, or could point me towards a tutorial or two, that could help me render that kind of hair.
nickonthedraw Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! Paintings like “Afro stare”, “cosmic fro” and Herizen were all painted on the iPad Pro using Procreate app. In Procreate I’ve used a textured paint brush called Nikko Rull. It’s one of the default ones. I set the brush pretty big. It has a very square shape and a lot of texture. I paint big, over lapping strokes outwards. Afterwards I erase any parts of the strokes that I feel I don’t need and so I can get the shape for the hair I want. The brush needs a nice edge similar to type 4B hair.

It might not the best brush to get the job done but it does the job for me. I do find that it takes a bit of practice to get the speed and pressure on the Apple Pencil to get the best possible stroke.

i’m sure similar brushes are available for Photoshop and other painting programs.

I’ll post some images next week of my technique. Thanks for the question. :)
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